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Similac Coupons and Deals

There is currently a $2 printable Similac coupon available, to get this coupon just click the image below and follow the prompts to print! Be sure to like us on facebook and share this link with other moms to help them save too!
$2.00 off one (1) Similac Prenatal Vitamin

I created this blog to help other parents find deals and coupons on Similac baby formula. I know how expensive it is in the stores so I figured this would be a great way to help others save money. I have found a few coupons but not as many as I had hoped, however I have found a way to save even more money then using coupons. With coupons I usually save a few dollars but I found that buying Similac online is a much better way to save (especially with the free shipping)

How I save money on Similac Formula

What I have been doing is looking online for Similac and I found one website that has great deals. The prices are always cheap but sometimes they reduce them even further. If you want to see for yourself just visit this page this is where I do most of my shopping.

If you are looking for a specific brand you can try these pages

  • Similac advance
    • You can buy packs of 6 or 12 for various Similac advance products. Sometime the discounts are over 20% off what you pay in the store
  • Similac Sensitive
    • Perfect for that baby that is a bit fussy, powder and liquid formulas are available in 6 packs. (buy in bulk to save money)
  • Similac Expert Care
    • A great balance of vitamins and minerals that your baby needs. There are currently some great deals on this page!

Advantages to buying online vs in the store

There are a lot of advantages to shopping online for either convenience or to save money. In this case buying Similac provides both of these. When you buy online you will be getting the baby formula shipped right to your door for free. Almost all of the Similac formulas on Amazon will qualify for free super saver shipping. That means you save money on gas because you don’t even have to drive to the store to get the formula.

The prices online are also usually cheaper because the middle man is eliminated. Amazon will ship the formula straight from the warehouse so they can eliminate a lot of costs that big box stores can not.

There is also a great selection on Amazon. You will see a number of different stores all offering different products and prices, which gives you a lot of options on how much you want to pay, how many you would like, and the quality.

Still Looking for Similac Coupons?

If you also want to look for some coupons for Similac I have found a good Similac coupons page. Check it out and you will find a few good links on where you can get coupons. The page is also updated whenever new Similac coupons are available so this is a good way to keep up to date with the latest savings.

Similac Sensitive Review

Choosing A Lactose-Free Formula For Baby’s Sensitive Stomach – Similac Sensitive Review

Even though we are aware that breastfeeding is best for our babies, some mothers are not that fortunate enough to be able to breastfeed their infants for many reasons such as scanty milk production or it might be that the quality and taste of the milk is not good enough for their babies. For instance, when a mother is also being treated for a particular illness which required her to take stronger medications that may affect the quality of her milk, that’s when an infant formula is also recommended.

similac sensitive reviewIn this similac sensitive review we want to look at milk formulas. When dealing with milk formulas, most first-time mothers and parents will usually go for the infant formula recommended by their respective pediatricians because doctors would take into consideration the size, weight, and nutritional needs of the baby at the time they were born. In our case, though, the pediatrician gave us two or three choices of infant formula and they were all in different price ranges. It was then up to us to decide what brand fits our budget that should also be good for the baby.

Parents are often advised to observe how the babies’ digestive system handles the recommended formula. In most cases, if the baby is often fussy and colicky each time he is given the recommended milk, then the pediatrician might deem it fit to switch to a different formula that is suited for the baby’s sensitive stomach or digestive system. Indeed, some babies just cannot handle the lactose content of a certain formula and may result to colic or acid reflux. For this reason, some milk products such as the Similac Sensitive Formula and other lactose-free brands are specially made and formulated to address such concerns.

Now, don’t get me wrong. This is not a Similac Sensitive Review that is geared to convince you to buy such product even though your pediatrician recommends other formula or brands. Somehow, we do need to listen to them because they certainly know what is best for our kiddos.

Perhaps this Similac Sensitive Review can benefit first-time moms and parents in such a way that if their pediatrician gave them more than one choice of milk formula for babies with sensitive stomach, then they might want to consider Similac Sensitive based on my personal account that this has indeed ended the fussy and colicky ordeal that my baby went through when he was just a few weeks old.

Of course, babies do have different tolerance levels to certain milk formulas. Therefore, a positive Similac Sensitive Review can only help first-time parents to take the courage to try feeding it on their babies. In fact, yours truly did the same thing for my baby. I dug up all the information and reviews about the lactose-free brands recommended by my pediatrician and the Similac Sensitive Formula stood out. Indeed, one good review after another can be an indication that the product is really something you should not be scared to try for your own baby.

Similac Organic

similac organicAs mothers and fathers become more aware of the factory farming industry the role of nutrition in their babies is becoming more important. This is why a lot of parents are looking towards Similac Organic. The problem with a lot of produce including a lot of the meats, vegetables and fruits that we get in the stores today is that they are altered or tampered with to make them bigger, easier to grow, or grow faster. This means that a lot of the food we eat contains growth hormones, anti-biotics and other chemicals. These are not things that we want our babies to introduced to either directly or indirectly.

Similac Organic is a type of Organic baby formula that contains atleast 95% organic ingredients. This means there are no growth hormones used in the production of the ingredients.

Here are some facts about Similac Organic according to the Abbott Nutrition website

  • Unique blend of organic nonfat milk, organic maltodextrin, and organic sugar
  • DHA and ARA to help support brain and eye development
  • Has a unique blend of special breast milk nutrients called nucleotides to help support the developing immune system
  • Has calcium to promote strong bones

Palm olein oil-free fat blend promotes fat and calcium absorption

Here are some facts about Similac Organic from the Similac website

  • Organic ingredients are produced without the use of growth hormones, antibiotics, and other chemicals.
  • To be certified USDA Organic and display the USDA Organic seal, a product must contain at least 95% organic ingredients by weight.
  • USDA Organic certification ensures that the farm where the food is grown and the companies that handle or process the food meet USDA Organic standards.
  • More and more families today are choosing organic options as part of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Similac Advance Organic is kosher.

Similac Advance Coupons

similac advance couponsSimilac Advance is a brand of baby formula produced by Abbott Laboratories to help your baby develop a strong immune system. This is a great formula to give to your baby, however just like most baby formulas it can be a bit expensive. A great way to save money on this product is to use Similac advance coupons you can usually find these coupons on the Similac homepage, but I also find and post them here on this blog.

I am not associated with Similac and I don’t get paid by them or anything. I just like to save money and help others save money too. I am good with blogs so I popped this one up. A feature I added is the subscribe feature, you can put your email in the box to the right and then get notified of new blog posts. Right now I am just filling the site out, but soon I will only be posting valid coupons for Similac.

Similac Advance Features

Here is some great information from the Simlac website about their advanced formual

Similac Advance has EarlyShield to support your baby’s developing immune system, brain and eyes, and strong bones.

  • Immune-supporting nucleotides, and prebiotics and carotenoids — nutrients naturally found in breast milk
  • DHA (Omega-3) and ARA (Omega-6) for brain and eye development
  • No palm olein oil, for strong bones

Similac Coupons 2011

Are you looking for the latest coupons from Similac? There have a been a few similac coupons in 2011 so far and they always have some type of promotion going on. What I do is find those newest coupons and then post them to this blog. I also keep an eye out on other sites that sell Similac online for good deals. Sometimes there are online stores that have the Similac for WAY cheaper than in the stores so you can get it for a great deal, even cheaper than if you had a coupon.

If you are looking for Similac coupons 2011 then all you have to do is check the homepage of this blog. I will be adding the latest ones to the homepage very soon. Another great thing that I added to this blog was the subscribe feature. You can just toss your email address in the box to the right and you will get notifications of new posts by email. This will keep you in the coupon loop.

I am not associated with Similac or Abbott laboratories in any way, I just like to save money and I am handy with websites (I do it for a living) it’s a hobby of mine so I thought I would toss up a blog and pass on the savings.

Printable Similac Coupons

printable similac couponsIf you are on this page then that means that you are looking for Printable Similac coupons that is great because this blog is completely dedicated to finding and posting the most recent coupons from Similac. I have to say first though that I am not sponsored or associated with Similac or Abbot labrotories, I just like to save money and I am good with websites. I find that I can almost always find a good coupon for Similac so I thought I would make a website and share those savings with other parents.

If you want the most recent Printable Similac Coupon you can just check the homepage of this blog. You can also toss your email in the box to the right and then you will be notified whenever new Similac coupons are available. It’s really easy to do the email thing becuase it is powered by google, and I do this sort of stuff for a living so I figured I would add that nice feature ;)

You might be asking where I find the coupons for Similac and where you can look. Well I will do the work for you and post them here but the official site has a page as well where they have coupons and free samples for parents. This is the page so you can copy and paste that in your address bar to see what they have available.