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similac advance coupons

Similac Advance Coupons

similac advance couponsSimilac Advance is a brand of baby formula produced by Abbott Laboratories to help your baby develop a strong immune system. This is a great formula to give to your baby, however just like most baby formulas it can be a bit expensive. A great way to save money on this product is to use Similac advance coupons you can usually find these coupons on the Similac homepage, but I also find and post them here on this blog.

I am not associated with Similac and I don’t get paid by them or anything. I just like to save money and help others save money too. I am good with blogs so I popped this one up. A feature I added is the subscribe feature, you can put your email in the box to the right and then get notified of new blog posts. Right now I am just filling the site out, but soon I will only be posting valid coupons for Similac.

Similac Advance Features

Here is some great information from the Simlac website about their advanced formual

Similac Advance has EarlyShield to support your baby’s developing immune system, brain and eyes, and strong bones.

  • Immune-supporting nucleotides, and prebiotics and carotenoids — nutrients naturally found in breast milk
  • DHA (Omega-3) and ARA (Omega-6) for brain and eye development
  • No palm olein oil, for strong bones